5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

Mornings can be a pain. The struggle to get the day started, the caffeine deprivation, the household chaos, the mad dashes out the door — even those of you who call yourselves “morning people” probably know what it feels like to have a bad morning derail the rest of your day.

Your morning sets the tone for what’s to come, which is why your morning routine has the power to affect the rest of your day so much. An efficient, intentional morning routine sets you up for a productive and successful day — in turn boosting your attitude, your motivation, your work output, and even your natural energy levels.

Even if you’re not a morning person and you shriek like a vampire at the first morning light, establishing a morning routine that will start your day on a positive note is doable — we promise. Here at Regular Coffee, we’ve come up with the following five tips that can help improve your mornings whether you try them all or just a few. So settle in with a hot mug of Regular Coffee (you can go brew some first; we’ll wait) and read on to learn more.

#1: Plan Your Morning Before It Begins

Your morning routine really starts the night before. You can get a head start on productivity by planning for your morning ahead of time.

Choose and set aside tomorrow’s outfit, pack your lunch and computer bag, and set the timer on your coffee maker so your Regular Coffee is ready when you are. Make sure your keys, wallet, phone and charger, and other small necessities are waiting by the door. Always hang your jacket in the same place so you never have to look for it. Also, take the time to jot down two or three items you need to get done tomorrow so you won’t feel directionless at first.

By making some decisions about your day the night before, you’ll free up mental bandwidth to handle unexpected a.m. curveballs, and you leave more energy for decisions later in the day. Finding everything in its place dramatically reduces the stress of that “I’m going to be late!” scramble. And getting an early start on your to-do list means you’ll be able to jump right into the day’s tasks without spending precious mental energy trying to remember what the heck they are.

#2: Resist the Phone

Digital distractions are everywhere these days, but the compulsion to check email, Facebook, and texts can be particularly harmful first thing in the morning. For one thing, it usually leads to procrastination. You end up mindlessly scrolling for 20 minutes when you only meant to check your text messages, and now you’ve just lost time that could have made for a relaxing morning.

Not only that, but when you spend your first conscious minutes reading news and emails from other people, you start your day thinking about their priorities rather than your own. Instead, try to do something relaxing or calming in the first few minutes of your day, like meditating, exercising, or just sipping a fresh cup of coffee. You’ll have the rest of the day to get bombarded with notifications.

#3: Get Your Exercise in Early

We know you’ve heard this one before, and we know it’s tough to get out of that cozy bed. But exercising in the morning really can jump-start your day, giving you energy, motivation, and physical and mental stamina. Harvard Medical School’s journal even reports that working out boosts brain function and protects your brain from the effects of stress and anxiety.

Getting a bit of morning activity doesn’t mean you have to take a full kickboxing class or vault out of bed and run five miles. Something as simple as a 10-minute walk or a yoga flow session will get your blood flowing and invite your endorphins (natural chemicals that help reduce stress and boost happiness) to the morning party. Plus, when you exercise first thing in the morning, you make sure at least one thing on your to-do list will get crossed off right away.

Make sure to stay hydrated when exercising in the morning. We know you love and need your coffee, but be sure to drink a few glasses of water during your workout before rewarding yourself with a cup of Regular Coffee.

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#4: Eat Breakfast

Studies show that people who eat something for breakfast — anything at all — maintain steadier blood sugar levels and experience less hunger throughout the day. So, even snacking on a few crackers or a couple of grapes before you walk out the door is better than nothing.

And if you regularly eat a healthy breakfast? You’ll find you have more energy, better short-term memory, and enhanced ability to concentrate. Dietitians tend to recommend breakfast meals that contain lots of protein, which helps you feel full longer, and plenty of high-fiber carbohydrates, which regulate blood sugar.

#5: Set Goals for the Day

People who make a habit of looking over the day’s schedule and mentally planning for what’s ahead tend to feel more in control throughout the day. So, set aside a few minutes with your fresh mug of Regular Coffee and your planner (or your phone, but remember to avoid those distractions!), get a picture of your day, and try to set two or three concrete, attainable goals you can achieve before the day is done.

Even if events of the day require you to change course, you’ll still have your most important priorities fresh in your mind. And if reviewing your schedule reminds you of an item you forgot to prepare the night before, you’ll have time to grab it before leaving the house.

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