Curl Up with These 5 Great Books About Coffee

A great cup of coffee should be easy to brew, but the story behind that cup is often anything but simple. Coffee has helped shaped the world, and its history and culture are one of the longest and most complex on the planet.

We’ve rounded up our favorite books about coffee for your summer reading pleasure. Grab a homemade iced coffee and one of these books and head to the beach, the park, or even your favorite lawn chair to enjoy learning more about one of the world’s favorite drinks.

The Coffee Book for the Trivia Enthusiast

The World Atlas of Coffee” by James Hoffman

“The World Atlas of Coffee” is perhaps the most comprehensive guide to coffee available. This renowned read covers coffee history and provides a guide to coffee-growing countries and the political ramifications of buzzwords like shade-grown, fair trade, and organic. What makes this account remarkable is not just the caliber of information, but the dedication to the truth of how coffee impacts everything it touches. For coffee lovers with a knack for trivia, this book will do the trick.

The Coffee Book for the Travel Lover

Where the Wild Coffee Grows” by Jeff Koehler

The perfect read for any travel enthusiast, “Where the Wild Coffee Grows” transports readers to the cloud forests of Ethiopia, which is where Arabica coffee was first cultivated. This region was virtually off-limits to Europeans well into the twentieth century, so the world’s first coffee culture developed peacefully and naturally. “Where the Wild Coffee Grows” brings the past to life and blends coffee’s roots with its future as new markets and growing regions, as well as climate change, threaten to change the world of coffee for good. If you like reading about adventures, regional history, and a tasty cup of coffee, this book is for you.

The Coffee Book for the Brew Scientist

The Basics of Brewing Coffee” by Ted Lingle

If you want to perfect your brewing method, “The Basics of Brewing Coffee” is the book you didn’t know you needed. It cuts through the technical terminology and coffee jargon to impart clear, concise, and practical advice on how to brew a great cup of coffee. Centered on the author’s “Six Elements of Good Coffee,” this book breaks down each component of brewing a cup of coffee into its essential elements so you can not only brew a great cup of coffee but understand the science to how and why it all works. A meticulously scientific approach to brewing makes this book one of the most valuable guides to upping your coffee game.

The Coffee Book for the Home Barista

Brew: Better Coffee at Home” by Brian W. Jones

A book as beautiful as it is informative, “Brew: Better Coffee at Home” spills all the secrets to making café-level drinks from the comfort of your own home — no matter how you like your morning joe. Chock-full of beautiful photography and accessible recipes, this book is informative without being overwhelming. Bonus: “Brew” is truly a visual masterpiece and would make a lovely coffee table book or a great gift for coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The Coffee Book for the Drama Enthusiast

God in a Cup” by Michaele Weissman

With the advent of “third-wave” specialty coffee upon us, coffee drinkers are more invested in not only high-quality beans, but knowing everything about them — where they were grown (and by whom), how they were roasted (and by whom), and the precise brewing method. In a world where $10 lattes are the norm and buyers jump at craft beans that cost $100 per pound, “God in a Cup” guides readers along the fascinating journey of how we went from instant coffee in a can to seeking the divine in every cup.

Regular Coffee: Fueling Your Summer Reading List

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