How Do I Make Cold Brew Coffee?

More formally known as the Official Elixir of Summer, cold brew coffee is cool, concentrated, highly caffeinated, and delicious just about any way you serve it. However, too many of us rely on premade cold brew or make a drive-through run whenever we get a craving.

Thankfully, cold brewing coffee isn’t that hard to do from the comfort of your own home! Learn how to make your own cold brew coffee — and save time and money with help from Regular Coffee.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew isn’t iced coffee; they have dramatically different brewing processes. Iced coffee is brewed hot and served cold, but you never heat cold brew coffee.

Cold brew is one of the most refreshing warm-weather beverages, but it’s also one of the coffee industry’s biggest scams. What the coffee shops won’t tell you is that cold brew coffee is simple to make at home. In fact, it’s even easier than making your most basic pot of drip-brew coffee.

Why We Love the Cold Brew Method

While we don’t discriminate when it comes to coffee, we are partial to cold brew. There are a few reasons for our subtle favoritism. Cold brew has a higher caffeine concentration, and because it’s never been heated, it’s lower in acidity. In other words, you get a cup of coffee that’s as smooth and rich as a cue ball that just won the lottery.

We also love cold brew because it’s one of the best mixers around. Swirl in some sugar or cream? Perfection. A twist of orange? Delightful. A shot of whiskey? A sophisticated libation. We haven’t found a wrong way to enjoy cold brew yet!

Bonus: Cold brew is easy to make with minimal investment or hassle.

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

The trick to a perfect batch of cold brew is in the grind. Like a French press and other immersion methods of brewing, a coarse grind is ideal for cold brew coffee. A finer grind exposes more of the bean and its oils, and when steeped too long, it can leave your coffee bitter rather than buttery smooth. As such, we recommend grinding your own to get the texture just right.

The other trick to the perfect batch of cold brew coffee is the water-to-grounds ratio. A drip coffee pot uses roughly a 2:1 ratio, whereas a café-caliber cold brew requires a 1:1 ratio (or one ounce of ground beans to one cup of water). We like to brew in big batches, so we use six ounces of beans (by weight) and six cups of water at a time.

How to Make Cold Brew Just Like a Barista

Besides water and coffee, to make cold brew you’ll need:

  • Several quart jars, or a container large enough to accommodate a lot of water and coffee grounds
  • A strainer (mesh is best) and some cheesecloth
  • A refrigerator
  • Patience


  1. In your large container or containers, combine equal parts water and coffee grounds. Give your grounds a good stir to make sure they’re adequately mixed in with the water.
  2. Cover and leave in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours.
  3. Line your strainer with cheesecloth and place over another jar or container. Gently pour coffee over the grounds and into the jar. Resist the urge to squeeze the liquid out of the grounds! Squeezing releases bitterness, and we truly don’t have time for that kind of negativity in our lives.
  4. Fill your glass with ice, pour your coffee over top, and enjoy!
  5. Store your cold brew coffee covered in the fridge for up to two weeks.

How to Take Your Cold Brewing Skills to the Next Level

We understand there are days when you need a little something extra. Whether that’s once in a while or every day, here are our best hacks for making cold brew coffee even better.

Avoid Diluted Coffee

Our biggest complaint about iced coffee is that it ends up being diluted, bland, and uninspiring. Next time, rather than watering down your perfect cold brew, consider using ice cubes made from cold brew!

Use Superfine Sugar to Sweeten the Pot

Superfine sugar has a different crystal structure that allows it to dissolve easily in cold beverages. You can also make (or purchase) a simple syrup for maximum dissolvability and enhanced classiness.

Add Flavors to Your Cold Brew

Adding natural flavors like cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, or even sprigs of lavender can add a refreshing twist to your cold brew. Simply toss them in your vessel and let steep with your coffee beans.

Use Sweetened Condensed Milk

One of our favorite cold brew tricks is to use sweetened condensed milk instead of cream or coffee creamer. Just add your ice to a glass, a splash of sweetened condensed milk, and pour the cold brew over top. The result is uniquely sweet and creamy.

Stock Up on Regular Coffee

Now that you’ve mastered the art of cold brewing, you may be surprised how quickly you deplete your precious coffee supplies. If you find yourself running low, consider increasing the size of your Regular Coffee subscription.


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