Try Swedish Egg Coffee With Regular Coffee Beans

When you think about starting your morning with coffee and eggs, usually the two are in separate vessels. But with Swedish egg coffee, your morning cup of joe incorporates an egg in a way that’s quirky, creative… that’s downright genius. As strange as this concoction sounds, bear with us: it might just be the key to the smoothest cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.

The History of Swedish Egg Coffee

Swedish egg coffee, also called Scandinavian egg coffee, originated exactly where you thought it did: Scandinavia. A raw egg filters the coffee — instead of a paper liner or mesh sieve — and leaves you with a clear, eggless coffee that’s smoother than silk.

In the 1800’s, Swedish and Norwegian immigrants brought the technique to the Midwest, where the technique was used to make the big-batch, low-quality coffee served in thousands of church basements.  

Why Swedish Egg Coffee Makes Such a Darn Smooth Cup

The increase of drip coffee brewers has spawned new and improved ways to prepare high volumes of bean juice, but as we move away from egg coffee, our high-volume batches have reclaimed their charmingly bitter reputation. Regardless, Swedish egg coffee makes your brew smooth, clear, and less acidic than other coffee brewing options. By mixing a raw egg directly into your ground coffee, the impurities, tannins, and acidic elements that make coffee less refreshing are absorbed by the egg, leaving the delicate oils and coffee flavor to shine unhindered.

Despite the alarming name and unusual process, we like a good cup of Swedish egg coffee simply because it’s so darn smooth and refreshing. We like it so much that we think you should try it, too. You don’t even have to find a church basement or sub-optimal beans to make Swedish egg coffee yourself.

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How to Make Swedish Egg Coffee

To make a single serving of egg coffee, you don’t need much. Just make sure you have the following:

  • 1 fresh egg
  • 5 T coffee, coarsely ground
  • 1 c water
  • 1 c ice cold water
  • Add-ins to taste
  • Saucepan, fork, small bowl, or cup

Start by boiling a cup of water in your saucepan. While your water comes to a boil, crack the egg into a bowl with the shells and stir. Then, beat in coffee grounds.

Once your egg-coffee mixture is evenly combined, add it to the boiling water for five minutes, but be careful not to let the mixture overflow. Remove from heat and add the ice-cold water. This should cause the egg-coffee mixture to clump and fall to the bottom of the pan. Pour off the coffee and strain through a mesh strainer or using a French press.

For larger servings, simply multiply the ingredients (minus the egg and the cup of icy water). As the Swedes say, “skål!” Cheers!

Regular Coffee: Good With or Without a Side of Eggs

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