What’s the Best Way to Brew My Regular Coffee?

Brewing a great cup of coffee at home doesn’t have to be complicated — the simpler, the better, in our book. The good news is there are many ways to make simple, tasty coffee in the comfort of your own home. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways to brew fresh, flavorful coffee at home, no matter what your style.

Know Your Brewing Method Fundamentals

There are four basic methods for brewing coffee


You use hot water and pressure to extract the flavor from the grounds. Espresso is the most common example of brewing using pressure.


Coffee is made by immersing ground coffee in water and letting it steep. French press is a classic example of this method.


You brew coffee by pouring hot water over grounds with the coffee being brewed as the water passes through. A drip brewer and Chemex both use filtration.


Coffee grounds are added to boiling water to brew a robust and interesting pot of coffee. It’s less prevalent, but Turkish coffee is made using boiling techniques.

French Press: Straightforward and Economical

French press is one of the simplest coffee-making methods. Coffee grounds steep in hot water for a few minutes before you plunge the grounds to the bottom of the press, extracting a rich, dark cup of coffee. We love it because it’s simple, and doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment, filters, or insane barista skills. French press coffee is best with coarse grounds, so pick another method if you prefer to use pre-ground beans.

Drip Brewer: Consistent and Reliable

Drip brewing coffee makers don’t get enough love. Perhaps the most common filtration brewing method, the machines are programmable, keep your coffee warm all day, and supremely convenient.

Bonus: it’s hard to make a bad cup when the machine adjusts the more finicky details of coffee brewing for you, like water temperature. This is especially nice when you’re juggling your morning responsibilities and need to brew your morning joe without dedicating 20 minutes to delicately pouring hot water over coffee grounds.

Cold Brew: Easy and Fun

As summer approaches, we are looking forward to the return of cold brew coffee! A steeping method that’s slightly different from other ways of brewing, cold brew is made by soaking coarsely ground beans in cold water for 24 hours. You don’t need any fancy equipment to make cold brew coffee — a jar and a coffee filter will do the trick — but you will need to use coarse grounds.

Skip the cold brew if you can’t wait 24 hours, or are a die-hard hot coffee fan.

Chemex: A Refined Classic

If you like honing your coffee-making skills or want to experience pour over coffee at home, a Chemex could be right for you. Using a Chemex — a filtration brewing method — allows you full control over every variable of the coffee making process. 

The Chemex design has barely changed since its invention in 1941, making it one of the world’s most iconic coffee makers. You’ve seen these glass beauties in your local hipster coffee shop.

To make coffee, you will gently saturate your coffee beans with hot water and then wait for your coffee to drop through a paper filter. When you’re using a Chemex, brewing with a simple, high-quality coffee like Regular Coffee is ideal because it brings out the nuanced flavors in the beans.

The downside? It is a time commitment, and not exactly an easy process, but a Chemex sure does make your coffee taste great.  

AeroPress: Quality Coffee on the Go

Invented in 2006, AeroPress is a pressure brewing method that makes coffee by forcing hot water through grounds that you press down by hand. The result is one of the tastiest cups of coffee you can make in under five minutes. Pre-ground beans work just fine in an AeroPress, and you can adjust the strength of your brew by letting it steep longer if you really like it bold.

AeroPresses are made of lightweight, durable plastic, making it a great way to brew coffee when you’re on the go or camping. However, if you need to make more than a cup or two at a time, stick to a method that yields higher volumes.

Soft Brew: Novel, Yet Practical

A lot of folks out there haven’t heard of soft brew, and that’s a shame. It looks like a teapot and is engineered to make your coffee taste great in the most un-fancy way possible.

A soft brew pot contains a wire steeping basket that is designed to expose as much of the coffee ground to water as possible. This system evenly releases the coffee’s flavors. Any grind of bean will work great in a soft brew, allowing you to customize your process.

Find another way to make your coffee if you’d rather not have people thinking you’re into tea.

Regular Coffee: Quality Coffee, No Matter Your Methods

At Regular Coffee, we’re not particular about how you make your coffee; we just want you to have fun doing it. That’s why we offer the most approachable Colombian beans we could find, and deliver it right to your door like clockwork. We want to make your coffee routine blissfully simple, so you can relax and focus on what matters most.

We’d love to share the coffee love with you. To try our coffee or start a subscription, just fill out our quick and easy order form, and we’ll do the rest.

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