Why You Need a Coffee Subscription in Your Life

Why you deserve a coffee subscription
Coffee subscriptions are an increasingly popular way to get your beans. However, you might find yourself hesitatingDo you want to commit to a subscription? What are the benefits? Below, we’ll explain how a coffee subscription can improve and simplify your daily routine. 

Consistency Matters and a Subscription Can Deliver It 

For many of us, coffee is a necessary part of our daily routine. We know people who can’t function until their third cup. (We may even be those people.) 

However, coffee isn’t as simple as it used to be. There are so many options out there. When you shop for coffee in the grocery store or online, you get bombarded with dozens or hundreds of options, all of them claiming to be exceptional coffee. And some of them are, but a lot of them just amount to average coffee wrapped up in slick packaging and slapped with an expensive price tag. 

Coffee roasters are also fickle. Suppose you find your perfect coffee — it’s just the right roast and flavor. You enjoy it for a month or two, and then it’s gone. Maybe it was a “limited edition,” or the roaster reworked the blend. 

Regardless of the reasonyour perfect coffee is gone foreverand you’re back scrounging the grocery store aisle. Either that or you end up trying to decipher descriptions written by wannabe novelists at your local hipster café and deciding whether you want your coffee to taste like primeval oak or old leather-bound books. 

Consistency is an underappreciated virtue, and especially so in today’s coffee landscape. When you subscribe to Regular Coffee, you get an approachable, versatile blend that stays consistent month after month. Because we only offer one type of bean and one roast, we put all our time and attention into getting that single offering exactly right. We meticulously source and roast our beans, ensuring that you get the same outstanding brew in every pot.  

You Don’t Have Time for This Stuff 

The average adult spends 348 days of their life shopping. Now, if you’re like us, you’re probably not spending that time in chic boutiques that offer you a glass of champagne while you browse. Instead, you’re in a big-box grocery store, dragging a hangry child behind you and trying not to forget two-thirds of the stuff you need.  

Our lives are absurdly busy. Let’s reclaim them. A coffee subscription won’t keep you from having to go to the grocery store altogether, but it does let you skip the coffee aisle with its overwhelming array of sub-par options. 

It’s surprising how much time we spend on coffee, even when we don’t want to. Suppose you spend 20 minutes each month shopping for coffee. Then, add five minutes per day that you spend in a coffee shop, standing in line and debating which coffee you want to drink. Add it all together, and you’re wasting more than 34 hours a year on coffee beans. Imagine if you added 34 hours back into your schedule. That’s a lot of time for sleep, happy hours, reading, fitness — whatever you need to find room for in your life. 

Save Money Every Month 

A single 12-ounce bag of coffee can easily cost you $20 or more. However, a high price tag doesn’t guarantee you’ll enjoy the beansespecially since so many “craft” roasters and distributors spend most of their resources on branding and marketing. 

A coffee subscription helps you create a coffee budget and stick to it effortlessly. 24 ounces of Regular Coffee will cost you just $27.50, including shipping. 

Never Run Out of Coffee Again 

It’s happened to all of us. You stumble downstairs bleary-eyed after a long night, ready to make a massive pot of coffee that might get you through the day. You grab the bag of coffee and notice it feels suspiciously light. Uh oh. 

No matter how desperately you try to scrape every precious granule into the filter, you’ve got enough for maybe half a cupThis is not okay. Your options now come down to sitting in a congested drive-through or waiting 30 minutes for a pour-over at a trendy café when all you want is a good cup of coffee and a few minutes of peace. 

When you have a coffee subscription, you’ll never again have to worry about picking up that empty bag and feeling that frustration. You’ll have fresh coffee delivered to your door in the quantity that you need — no muss, no fuss, and no backup plan needed.

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