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    How Can I Brew the Strongest Cup of Coffee at Home?

    There’s nothing more invigorating in the morning than a strong cup of coffee. But how can regular folks brew the strongest cup of coffee from the comfort of home? That depends on what “strong” means to you. Do you want the heftiest caffeine kick? The biggest, baddest flavor? The best of both worlds? There’s a science to brewing strong coffee at home. Let’s start with the basics. Coffee Beans 101 While there are over 100 species of coffee, only three are cultivated for consumption. The most popular are Arabica and Robusta, which make up roughly 97% of coffee crops worldwide....

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

    5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

    Mornings can be a pain. The struggle to get the day started, the caffeine deprivation, the household chaos, the mad dashes out the door — even those of you who call yourselves “morning people” probably know what it feels like to have a bad morning derail the rest of your day. Your morning sets the tone for what’s to come, which is why your morning routine has the power to affect the rest of your day so much. An efficient, intentional morning routine sets you up for a productive and successful day — in turn boosting your attitude, your motivation,...

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  • Is It Okay to Brew Good Coffee in a Drip Coffeemaker?

    Is It Okay to Brew Good Coffee in a Drip Coffeemaker?

    Pour-over coffee is having a moment among American coffee lovers. What started as a relatively obscure brewing method that, in the United States, lived only in the most boutique specialty shops and the furthest-from-the-grid woodland cabins has become the brewing method of choice for coffee nuts in search of the perfect cup. Today, every major city and many smaller ones have cafes that specialize in pour-over brews. Head inside one of these shops, and you’ll rarely (if ever) see a drip coffeemaker on the salvaged-wood countertops. So, why has the pour-over method taken over the high-end coffee scene so thoroughly?...

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  • Regular Coffee Named One of the Top 50 Places to Buy Coffee Online

    Regular Coffee Named One of the Top 50 Places to Buy Coffee Online

    Regular Coffee was named one of the top 50 best places to buy coffee online in a recent article from Guide for Buying. Thanks, Guide for Buying! Regular Coffee came in at number 4 on the list (but note that the article doesn’t specify whether the list is ranked or not, and it doesn’t appear to be).  According to Guide for Buying, they chose award winners based on four criteria:  Coffee varieties Website ease of use Uniqueness of brand and story behind the brand Responsiveness of customer support   We only sell one variety of high-quality 100% Colombian coffee at Regular Coffee (although we offer it in several different forms, including...

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  • What's the Best Way to Store My Coffee?

    What's the Best Way to Store My Coffee?

      There’s not much point in buying great coffee if you’re not going to store it properly. Storage makes all the difference when it comes to getting a robust, fresh flavor out of your brew. So what are the keys to storing coffee the right way? In this article, we’ll break them down for you. Whole Bean vs. Pre-Ground Before we get started with storage methods, let’s talk whole beans versus coffee that’s ground in advance. Look, we get it. Maybe you don’t own a grinder, and not everyone has time to grind their coffee fresh every day. You can...

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  • What Makes Colombian Coffee the Best Coffee?

    What Makes Colombian Coffee the Best Coffee?

    The world of coffee is a wide one, with around 70 countries producing and exporting coffee beans. However, at Regular Coffee, we believe that Colombian beans deliver the most balanced and approachable cup of coffee, and we’re not alone. Keep reading to learn more about how Colombia’s culture and geography contribute to the remarkable quality of its coffee. Colombia’s Climate and Geography Suit Coffee Perfectly Coffee grows best at high elevations on rich, volcanic soil and in a tropical, wet climate. Colombia’s coffee-growing regions offer exactly these conditions. Colombia’s farmers grow their coffee on Andean plateaus and ridges. These steep...

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