Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:Why choose Regular Coffee?

A:  There are more coffee options than ever today, but the craft coffee industry has shifted so far toward niche products that people who just want an affordable, approachable, quality coffee get left out in the cold. We’re here to change that.

With Regular Coffee, we not only source high-quality Colombian coffee and turn it into roasted beans that yield a brew with low acidity and balanced flavors, but we offer our beans through a subscription service so you never have to worry about remembering to add coffee to the grocery list or running out last-minute because you forgot. We do all the hard work so you can brew fresh, quality coffee whenever you want it without worrying about anything else. 

Q: Why is a coffee subscription better than going to the grocery store or shopping online?

A: If you go into the coffee aisle at the grocery store and feel paralyzed, you’re not alone. The coffee aisle today competes with the toothpaste aisle for the “overwhelming number of options that are mostly the same crap” award.

While you can find outstanding coffee in grocery stores, trying to pick it out is like buying a lottery ticket since most of the brands offer mediocre beans dressed up in pretty packaging. And buying individual bags of beans online is like going through the same frustrating process in a coffee aisle 10 miles long.

With a coffee subscription, you get the guarantee of fresh coffee, delivered to your door in the quantity that you need. Because we put all our attention and focus into sourcing and roasting quality Arabica beans from Colombia, we can offer consistency and value that other craft coffee companies can’t match along with quality that blows the supermarket brands away.

Q: How much coffee should I order?

A: Most people use about 1/3 of an ounce per cup when brewing drip coffee, so a 24-ounce bag of Regular Coffee will make 72 cups. If you brew an 8-cup pot every day, that means 24 ounces of Regular Coffee will last you nine days.

Q: Do you offer pre-ground coffee?

A: Yes. We offer both whole bean and pre-ground coffee through our subscription service. We also offer ground coffee in K-Cups.

Q: Do you offer decaf coffee?

A: We currently don’t offer a decaffeinated version of our beans.

Q: Is your coffee dark roast or light roast?

A: We go with a medium roast that brings out the coffee’s flavor without overpowering it. Moderation in all things.

Q: Where does Regular Coffee come from?

A: We source Arabica beans from individual farms in Colombia and then roast them in-house.

Q: Is your coffee ethically sourced?

A: We work with reputable exporters who carefully vet coffee farms and watch out for exploitative labor practices. While we don’t currently have any certification we can point to, we stand behind the ethics of our coffee sourcing practices 100 percent. If you want to know more about where our coffee comes from, send us an email and we’d love to talk to you about it.

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